Issue of €30 million senior secured notes

Press Releases

Verona, 12 April 2018 – Today, Quarantacinque S.p.A. (the “Issuer”) issued senior secured non convertible and non subordinated notes (ISIN Code: IT0005328635), for a principal amount of Euro 30,000,000 and maturity date 12 April 2023, bearing a floating interest rate equal to three months Euribor (floor 0% and cap 1%) plus a margin equal to 9 per cent. per annum.

The notes, with denomination of Euro 100,000, have been placed with a limited number of qualified investors and listed on the multilateral trading facility managed by the Vienna Stock Exchange, the so-called Third Market.

The notes are secured by, inter alia, a pledge over all the shares of the Issuer and a pledge over a bank account of the Issuer.

The notes have not been rated.

The proceeds of the issue are used to fund the voluntary public tender offer launched by the Issuer on all the shares of CAD IT S.p.A.. For further information on the offer, see section “Voluntary Public Tender Offer Quarantacinque S.r.l.” on the web site of CAD IT S.p.A.